Friday, May 20, 2011

It's Friday

Just thoughts in my head and my heart.
My Dear HB is still not sleeping at night but dozzing during the day or goes back to bed after I leave for work and doesn't get up till mid afternoon.
My sister is in the hospital and I could not get him to go with me, came home the last two nights after dark (I hate driving in the dark)

I have to work, he wants me not to, but still wants to spend money. when I am at home, he wants me to sit & watch TV all night, that is not good for me since I am trying to lose about 10lbs.
If I go to my sewing room, I am ignoring him, but if I sit with him, he watches TV and won't talk to me. What to do?

He is still not talking to me much either, I think he is lonely at home, but I can't get him out of the house or to go do anything.

Long work week, hope to get to do some sewing this weekend, as well as dishes, laundry and other stuff, never ends.

I keep looking up possible causes on the internet, but without the doctors saying anything, we just have to wait.
Have a Great weekend.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New support groups

I found two new support groups.


I signed up for both as a member and have been looking around their web sites.

Lunch hour is short and I have lots of work to do today.
 My Dear HB is not speaking to me again and still sleeping all day. Not sure why and he won't talk about it.

I worked on my new quilt this past weekend, I got allot done since my HB was asleep until 3:30pm on Sunday.

I try to keep a good outlook, but it is hard.  The kids have all left and he seems more depressed than ever the past few weeks.

I hope for the best and really hope to meet new friends online through the support groups, we will see.

Back to work, lunch is over.

Monday, May 9, 2011

First Blog - Me, my husband & a brain tumor

OK this is a new one for me!  Just set up my Blog, Now what do I do???? Write a note, complain, give praise,talk crap???? Maybe none of the above, maybe all of the above. We will see.

Started this blog so I can keep record of whats going on in my life, good, bad and indifferent.  Somewhere no one know who I am or cares.

I am the wife and caregiver of a husband of 33 years that has been battling Brain Tumors since 1989!!!

Maybe I am not alone??? Maybe I am??? We will have to see! Sometime I am all alone, sometimes not, but since I don't know anyone (surviving) that has been where I have been or done what i have done, where is that? Right here, working and taking care of my dear HB, till death do us part!  I made that commitment!

Wish the doctors were as committed!!!!!!